Pets have been important to our families for centuries, but the last few decades have revealed an explosion in their significance to our well-being in our daily lives. Most people today view their pets as vital members of their families and we include our pets in most if not all of our activities.

The benefits of the human / pet bond are easily recognized by the pure joy pets bring to our lives. It is also seen in the many categories of working, medical service, show and performance pets. Working dogs are vital to our law enforcement and armed services. Many people have certified medical service dogs that provide health services beyond the classic seeing-eye dogs. Many ordinary pets receive certification for nursing home visitations and the benefits to these patient’s mental and physical well-being is documented. Our veterans are often provided the training to use medical service dogs as vital therapy for trauma related anxiety disorders. Epilepsy patients use medical service dogs to forewarn them of impending seizures. Some people with neurologic disorders resulting in incoordination have medical service dogs superbly trained to help prevent injuries from falls. There are even medical service dogs that can detect low blood sugar in diabetics and even certain cancers with better sensitivity and specificity than sophisticated diagnostic tests. The list of medical service dogs and their specific uses is long and growing.

The power of the Human / Pet Bond is truly worth celebrating. In this spirit, we announce the 4th Annual Pet Celebration taking place at the Historic Hayesville Square on Saturday September 12 from 8AM to 3PM. It is a full day of activities includes a reduced cost vaccine clinic, a live 2-hour “Ask the Vet” radio show with special guests including veterinary specialists, pet demonstrations including obedience and agility training, police dogs, medical service and performance dogs. There will be a pet parade, costume contest and the ever popular “weiner-dog” race. Alpacas, dairy goats, miniature horses and the County Mountie horses extent the concept of Human / Pet Bond to less traditional species. Many pet product and service vendors will fill the square with booths. There will be great food, music, raffle gifts, silent auction, and entertainment. The area humane societies and pet rescue groups including the US Humane Society will be there with Adopt-A-Pet opportunities, and all the proceeds will go to support their needs. The Pet Celebration is all about the Human / Pet Bond, and the pure joy and unconditional love that pet’s bring to our lives. Bring your entire family especially your four-legged ones and join us for a great day for a fantastic cause.

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