Wellness profiles include routine labwork which allows us to build a more complete picture of your pet’s overall health. We may identify hidden health problems before they become severe giving us a better chance of treating the condition. If the labwork is normal, it gives us a baseline to measure future results against and allows us to monitor trends over time. We recommend these profiles annually.

JUNIOR WELLNESS PROFILE (Recommended for pets 1-6 years old)

-CBC (complete blood count) – Gives us information about your pet’s red and white blood cell counts therefore screening for anemia, infection or inflammation

-Serum chemistry – Gives us information about the condition of your pet’s kidneys, liver, pancreas and helps identify any metabolic abnormalities

-Urinalysis – Identifies infection or inflammation in the urinary tract and gives us supplemental information about kidney function or other metabolic disease.

SENIOR WELLNESS PROFILE (Recommended for pets 6 years and older)

Includes everything in the Junior Wellness profile plus:

-Expanded Serum Chemistry – Gives us additional information about the health of your pet’s internal organs

-Thyroid function test – Evaluates thyroid gland function as thyroid gland imbalances are more common in senior pets

-Blood pressure – Identifies hypo- or hypertension which may be primary or associated with many different disease processes

-Electrocardiogram (ECG) – Identifies problems with the electrical activity of the heart


-Includes everything in the standard Senior Wellness profile plus:

-Abdominal ultrasound – Screens for masses or other abnormalities in the internal organs. Identifying masses in the abdominal organs when a patient is asymptomatic allows us to take action early. This may involve surgical intervention prior to spread of a tumor or life-threatening complications.


-Includes everything in the Premium Senior Wellness profile plus:

-Echocardiogram (cardiac ultrasound) – Identifies heart disease