Many of the advances in human medicine eventually find their way to pet health care. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is one of them. Therapeutic outcomes of HBOT are great reduction of swelling and edema, stimulation of new blood vessels that enhances circulation, relieving pressure from head or spinal cord injuries, providing wound healing and eliminating infection (bacterial, viral and fungal).

Specific indications for pets include venomous snake and spider bites, infected non-healing wounds, drowning or aspyxiation victims, heat strokes, head/spinal trauma, abscesses, multiple and massive trauma, acute herniated discs, burn victims, respiratory failure, acute pancreatitis, peritonitis, parvovirus infections, glaucoma and toxemias. It is also indicated for any degenerative process such as joint disease, neuropathy, hepatopathy and nephropathy and many cancer conditions.