I called Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital after trying to get Oliver into my regular vet for days. Dr. Burr and his staff were able to work me into their busy day. Oliver’s condition had gotten far worse and he need surgery immediately to remove the cyst and drain and clean the very large abscess and necrotic tissue that had developed secondary to the cyst. The entire staff at Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital went over and above to give Oliver the special care, tests, and attention that he required for an older dog (14) having to undergo surgery. Dr. Burr kept me informed every step of the way which helped to calm my anxiety. Thank you Dr. Burr, Dr. Marshall, Vet. Tech. (sorry, I can’t remember her name) and all of the staff for caring and providing exceptional care to Oliver. I will be bringing Oliver back for all of his needs and also my Tiki girl will be coming in for her needs as well. Thank You!!

Google 5 star review from  Brandee Thibault  7-26-18

In all the years I spend my summers here and have my furry family members. Lake Chatuge has always been my go to place for my pets. Thank you for great staff, great facilities and all around great care.

Google 5 star review from  Michele Poole  7-26-18

Always feel like Sammy is in good hands!

from  Catherine White   7-25-18

I appreciate the good care you have given all of our furry family members!

from Deborah Fowler  7-20-18

Thank you for your help today. Glad we found the owner:)

from  Ann Moorehouse  7-14-18

You may be a little more expensive than some but your care and concern for my pets has been awesome Your staff helped me through the loss of  2 pets and they are always willing to answer any questions that I may have Thank you so much

from  Bruce Alexander  7/12/18

Pleasant & efficient staff

from  Charles Staten  7-11-18

I was able to get my dog in quickly. Everyone was courteous and polite. We were seen quickly and efficiently. We were appreciative and will be back as needed.

from  Donna White  7/10/18

Thanks to Everyone for taking care of my Shelby Mar. Even if it was only a Paw Trim, we are Really Glad we Found You.

from  Lamar Stowe  7-2-18

Thank you so much to everyone at Lake Chatuge for squeezing my boxer Scout in on an insanely busy Friday afternoon already full of emergency visits. They took such care of my sweet boy and were SO kind to me, staying open nearly an hour late when everyone I’m sure was exhausted and ready to go home… Even so, they never made me feel unwelcome. Just took care of us. Thank you guys. Hugely.

Google 5 star review from Janelle James  6-30-18

Thank you so much to everyone at Lake Chatuge for squeezing my boxer Scout in on an insanely busy Friday afternoon already full of emergency visits. They took such care of my sweet boy and were SO kind to me, staying open nearly an hour late when everyone I’m sure was exhausted and ready to go home… Even so, they never made me feel unwelcome. Just took care of us. Thank you guys. Hugely.

from  Josh Offner  6/30/18

Always there for me and all my chihuahua menagerie.  Kind and loving staff.  Grateful for all they do for my furry family….

from  Bonnie Rogers  6/29/18

Lake Chatuge animal hospital got my sick baby in, as quickly as possible. They were nothing but professional!

from  Carol Goin  6/25/18

Excellent very caring staff. The receptionists were great.So glad that she was so helpful and was able to work us in which was very important to Kitty and me. The Vet and the medical staff were awesome could not have asked for better care and education for taking care of Kitty. I want to thank the entire staff.

from Robyn Hall  6-23-18

Shelby Lynn and I love y’all! Thank you for taking such good care of our baby

from  Alonia Johnson  6/12/18

Always great care and service.  Thank you.

from  Arlene Schlichte  6/12/18

Staff was very friendly and helpful. They handled Kate well and were concerned for her well being. Concerns were addressed there with medication prescribed for ear issues and suggestions given for OTC meds for skin issues. Follow up visit was scheduled based upon my availability and appt. time available.

from  Ed Allen  6-6-18

Wonderful friendly staff.   Thanks for taking care of my Ginger baby.  Your pricing is also reasonable.

from  Shelly Vaughn  6-6-18

Terrific experience.  Everyone is friendly, helpful, thorough and so pleasant to deal with.  Highly recommend.

from Lucy Brannen  6-4-18

Our dogs were so happy when we picked them up, so we knew they had great care! Thank you so much

from Donna Ledford  5-24-18

Clean, modern facility with state of the art equipment.  Truly a full service practice.

From  Pat Mullen  5-19-18

Dr. Burr – best vet ever!

From  Daniel Berger  5-19-18

We are very comfortable leaving pups at your facility and we appreciate the emails regarding updates on vaccinations and specials available through the vet.

From  Dennis Strand  5-18-18

I appreciated the environment from the moment we walked in. They were so knowledgeable and took the time to share. Just wanted to say Nikki was amazing and showed compassion to our frightened dog.

from  Karen Gutoski  5-17-18

You guys have always been the best, especially when we need you quickly …. you are always there for us.  Thank you very much.

from Kate Kotz  5-16-18

Your staff and Doctor were just great! made me feel much better about Tora, Our senior Siamese with debilitating health problems. Like so many pet parents, I was feeling great guilt that I wasn’t doing enough to help my beloved Tora. Thanks to our visit to your animal hospital and great care Tora received, I feel better. Love ingenious solution of bandaging both Tora’s paws so hopefully he won’t know which one is the problem and refrain from trying to remove the bandage. Thank you for your help,  concern and professionalism.

from Margaret Fisher   5-16-18

Very pleasant place, Nice people, very helpful with my dog.

from Patty Wichman  5-10-18

They were very nice and asked me the questions and answered the questions that I needed to know that my sugar baby is in excellent hands when it comes to this veterinarian Hospital.  They told me ahead of time of what was going on what they needed to do and how much it would be.  I would go back as much as needed for my little baby and I will recommend this place to anyone.

from  Reana Parker  5-5-18

My wife and I were traveling away from home when our dog Coco became ill.  We called Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital very close to closing time on a weekend, but they told us to bring her right in.   The staff were very friendly and attentive. Dr Burr saw Coco promptly and took excellent care of her.  Whether you live in the Hiawassee, GA area or are vacationing here, we recommend Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital to take excellent care of your pets!

from  William Caples   5-5-18

Very friendly great service. Trey was very helpful and informative.

from  Donald Palmer  5-2-18

Ciara has been doing Grizz’s grooming for quite a while now. We have been very pleased. Also, he has to be sedated and it has always gone quite well.

from Richard Yeomans  4-27-18

I appreciated how quickly you took Sam in and examined him when he was in distress and possibly danger when I was worried he had eaten something dangerous in the yard. Your staff was efficient, courteous, kind and knowledgeable.  The treatment prescribed quickly corrected the symptoms he was exhibiting. Thank you for working quickly to help him. We live in Peachtree City but visit our house in Young Harris often. It is comforting to know you are nearby if we need help again!

from  Mary Newcome   4-23-18

Staff was very friendly and courteous. Took me a few minutes ahead of schedule. Prompt attention to my pets needs.

from  Patricia Sari-Spear   4-19-18

Your doctors and staff helped me last year when my beloved Teddy Bear passed away and now you guys are involved in the healthcare of my new puppy Sadie. Everyone is so thoughtful and caring and ready to help you with all your needs. I have confidence in your doctors that they will do the right thing for my pet.

Google 5 star review from Patty Groth  4-11-18

Thank you for your great care of Prissy and for welcoming me although we are guests to the area.

from Valerie Mathura  3-30-18

We always get  superb service from Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital.  The staff is professional and friendly and love our pets!  …..  Thanks so much.

from  Polly Royster  3-28-18

We have been using Dr. BURR for years. Wouldn’t go anywhere else and we tell everyone how great he is!

from  Jan Salem  3-23-18

I think Chatuge Animal Hospital strives to take very good care of  our furry family members.

from  Darlene Meyers  3-22-18

Dr. Burr and the entire staff were wonderful, 5 stars!!!

from Tammy Henry  3-20-18

Just feel so comfortable with all the folks there and so does Charlie………..

from  Bob Wilton  3-16-18

Thank you for all your great care to Romeo. You guys are the best!!

from  Grace Holloway  3-15-18

The staff is always very helpful and friendly.  Sophie’s last haircut was the best one yet and she looks great.

from Donna Barrett  3-14-18

Professional and caring. Convenient location and clean facilities. Great staff.

from Cathy O’Neil  3-12-18

We appreciate the courtesy and compassion that the staff at the hospital displayed.

from  Janet Crosby  2-24-18

Dr. Burr and his staff have taken excellent care of our aging dog. Their patience and understanding is much appreciated!

Google 5 Star Review from Karen Myland   2-14-18

Everyone in the office was great.

from  Donna Lankford  2-14-18

Thank you to Dr. Burr and Justin for your kindness.. as well as rest of the staff.  I can’t put into words the heartbreak of having to send our sweet Taz to doggie heaven.    Thank you for all your kind words.

God Bless,  Taz’s mom & dad, Paula Eldred & Walt Gill  2-12-18

Dr. Burr is the best! Wish there were more vets like him. His staff are friendly and helpful. I’m extremely happy with every visit.

from  Shawn Young  2-12-18

Excellent care and services.  Staff both caring and sincere.  Thanks for everything.

from  Ben Fitzgerald  2-7-18

Duke enjoyed his visit.

from Jolene Miller  1-24-18

I would like to thank your entire staff for being so accommodating. I am new to the area and had chosen another clinic closer to my home but when my pet became ill they would not fit me into their schedule. Without hesitation, your staff worked me into a very busy schedule and provided me with the comfort of knowing my pet’s health and immediate care was of the utmost importance. Dr. Burr’s calls and updates were greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!

from Hila Lee  1-23-18

Great experience

from Andy Williams  1-11-18

Dr. Stevenson and the staff are great!

from Cassy Smith  1-5-18

We couldn’t ask for better treatment for our German Shepherd than we get from Justin and Dr Stevenson.    They are gentle, respectful, and treat her like she is their own.

from David Harrison

All very friendly and compassionate. Glad I found you!!!

from  Olivia Mead  1-2-18

We loved your office and friendly staff.  Our usual clinic was closed as it was an early  Saturday morning.  The staff was more than   willing to help our sick Jack Russell Piper.    We were very pleased with efficiency of the staff.  Piper seems to be feeling good better and we couldn’t be happier.  Thank you so much.

from  Nancy Phillips  12-30-17

I always get knowledgeable and friendly service.  Thanks for doing what you do so well!

from Stephanie Holliday  12-28-17

I made my first visit yesterday. It seemed to me everyone was friendly, knowledgeable, and up to the task. I will look forward to my next visit.

from Cynthia Anderson  12-15-17

The staff was friendly and helpful, and made us feel welcome and important. They were very helpful in handling my high-strung dog. Thank you.

from Ann Vanderlaan  11/25/17

Excellent service for our dog grooming needs.  Love the cut and appreciate the sensitivity to our Goldendoodle.  We will continue seeing you for our grooming needs.

from Dana Russell  11/24/17

Friendly caring vet office is what I witnessed today. Everyone feels their pet is special but this office makes all the critters and their owners thankful they chose this vet. A smile a friendly hello and a pat on the head means so much to me and my dog Willie. Willie has a big sister Maggie and we will be bringing her in soon. to experience great pet care.

Thank you!  Cheryl Harrington  11/21/17

Everyone, from the front counter staff to the doctors, is always so nice and helpful and I appreciate that more than you will ever know.  Dr. Stevenson always takes her time with my girls and that makes me very happy.  K.C. was awesome with Annabelle today.  I feel like the entire staff love my girls as much as I do.  Thank you thank you, thank you!

from Hope Reffit  11-21-17

I have been blessed to travel all states in U.S.A. except 2 while RVing and have seen many vet clinics and I have to honestly say This Is The Most Superb of Any.  Most important, the most caring and welcoming staff and highly trained and very experienced.  I gladly drive the 40 minutes one way for the outstanding care from the front desk, Techs and the doctors.  It speaks volumes about your clinic to anyone that knows me and my husband.  They know our babies (pets) ARE our family and we LOVE our babies with our whole beings and we put our faith and trust in your hands.  When you love someone you seek the best medical care there is and that’s what we are doing with your clinic  Thanks Y’all for always taking care of us and our babies.  Also for treating us as if we’re SO special.  Many blessings to each staff member.  Y’all really do act as family to one another and to your clients.

Sincerely,  the Civillas  11-14-17

I am always pleased with Dr. Burr and staff.

from Deborah Cook   11-9-17

Super nice staff and vet!  Convenient, efficient and cool office.  Can’t beat that!

from Jeanie Loiacono  11-8-17

Wonderful place! They were so professional on every level. Took their time and explain each step of what procedure they were doing. I highly recommend them.

from Keith Rateliff   10-16-17

The staff is absolutely amazing and so compassionate and caring for their fur patients and owners.  I can’t speak kind enough words to express my gratitude to all.  We are not a patient and I was very concerned about my cat.  My existing vet was short and their tone was not nice nor showed care fo our situation and did not offer to work us in  I called Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital and got the same care and concern from them about my situation and was willing to work my fur baby in so he could get help.  This office is the best I have ever come across.  I will be switching vets for ALL my fur babies.  Thank you!!!

from Vanessa Cox  10-12-17

The groomer, Ciara, is the best.  I highly recommend her.

from Richard Yeomans  10-12-17

As a first time visitor was very pleased with the caring and service.  A few more visits and will kick that score up to a 10.

from Dennis White  10-9-17

Great staff and Dr. Stevenson was wonderful!!!!!! We will be back, with puppies!!!!!!!!!!!

from  Brandi Allbritton  10-7-17

Moonbeam came in today for her Lion cut.  She looks so cute & I know she was treated very well..Thanks

from Linda Gosnell  9-20-17

I am new to the area and wanted to find a vet that would understand the love I have for my dogs and want to work with me to keep them as happy as possible. I have a big geriatric furball with one eye and a titanium knee that needs special care. Dr. Stevenson exceeded my expectations and even my hopes to find a ‘partner’ to help me keep my beloved dogs healthy and happy. She was patient, caring and understanding. I can’t believe I got so lucky in this small town.

from Christy Cechman  9-17-17

Thumper is very pleased with his recent grooming visit. He’s recommending your service to all his pals!

from Shirley Inman  9-16-17

Our first visit today was fantastic. The staff, technicians, and Dr were all very kind and knowledgeable. Particularly impressed with Justin and so was our little Sadie. He took all the stress and nervousness she was feeling away. We are very happy to be a part of the Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital family!

from Gayle Halstead  9-8-17

Thank you for being there!!!!

from Richard Cary  9-7-17

Thank you so much for taking care of my little dog who was in pain as a new patient so quickly. The service was excellent and the staff very warm and friendly. Highly recommended.

from  Cathy O’Neil  9-7-17

We just moved from Florida to NW Georgia and one of our kitty kids developed something nasty on his lip.  Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital was the only veterinary clinic to accommodate us immediately that same day which was a real bonus.  We found all the staff to be helpful and caring and Dr. Stevenson was wonderful and caring as well.  Our fur babies are very important to us and it’s always great to find a vet that feels the same way we do and takes their time plus accommodates us on short notice when there’s an immediate urgency.

from Jolande Culver  9-1-17

Our dog, Rosie, was sick and needed to see a vet. The staff found a time for us that day, and from our first contact, everyone we dealt with was kind, professional and thorough. The receptionist greeted us in a friendly, encouraging manner. The tech, Sierra, patiently took Rosie’s history and handled her with care and love. Dr, Burr was equally caring, thoughtful, and complete in his examination, recommendations and treatment. We would highly recommend him and the entire Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital!

from Lucy Brannen  8-30-17

This office was awesome!  So glad I found such a caring and professional office!

from Rebecca Schambach  8-26-17

Very satisfied with the care provided so fast to Smokey. Thank you for caring.

from Janice Perry  8-24-17

Everyone was so kind and caring. My 16 1/2 year old American Eskimo was in Congestive Heart Failure and I really didn’t think he was coming home with me but Dr. Burr did a thorough exam and testing and told me that he could put my dog on medication and he would get better. I appreciated that he was not wishy washy about the situation like some vets would be and felt confident in his prognosis. Thanks again to the entire staff.

from Patty Groth  8-24-17

Everyone is so friendly and nice to my pet and me. We love coming to get shots.

from Krista Massell  8-17-17

Hard to find a place that will groom cats. Our sweetheart does not like to be groomed, but she is a long haired cat that has to be taken care of for sanitary reasons. Your staff explained everything before and  after her sedated grooming. We didn’t want to do that, but the staff made us feel confident. Our baby is fine, and looks great. Thanks, we’ll be back.

from Judy Crowder  8-17-17

Well our cat Prince Leo let us know just how he felt about his first trip to the vet.  The staff and doctors took great  pride in their work which then reflected on Leo. I was more nervous then he was.  Leo’s behavior showed us how  great they were.  He had a head to toe exam, received his shots (which was the only time he wasn’t happy), the staff answered all our questions, and since I’ve been a dog lover all my life, I had a lot of questions.  The staff took the time to explain everything that they were doing, which flea control would be the best, etc.  We felt welcomed when we arrived.  They try to keep the peace – cats on left, dogs on right – lol.  Short wait time.  We were very pleased with everything.  We highly recommend Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital  Thank you for treating our Babyboy like we do.

from Kimberly Smith  8-16-17

I would not take my dogs to anyone but Dr Stevenson and staff.

from Holly Keller  8-15-17

We appreciated your office making a last minute appointment for us on a Saturday, as well as, the thorough analysis of our dog issue. Thanks, you guys have already earned our confidence!

from Peter Stocker  8-12-17

Everyone at Lake Chstuge Animal Hospital is wonderful to work with. They recently groomed both our 8 month old Saint Bernard puppy but also our rescue dog Keller. Keller has some trust issues. They took great care with both dogs especially Keller.

from Laura Holton  8-11-17

First impressions mean a lot, and your staff did a fantastic job at that. Very happy with my experience there yesterday with my new pup KONDO and will be coming there regularly.

from Lee Meeks  8-10-17

Excellent clinic!

from Mary Hyde   8-10-17

Everyone was very nice and friendly. I felt very confortable and so did my little man Cooper 🙂

from Hilda Rivera  8-4-17

LOVE this vet – Doc Stevenson is dedicated and thorough!. The entire staff is caring and courteous. Highly recommend!

from Linda Carr  8-3-17

Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital has been my my source of veterinary care for the last ten+ years. I started taking my cats there shortly after they opened. Dr. Burr will go above and beyond to get the answers to your pets issues. He takes the time to call and go over test results. The staff is very caring and wonderful to work with and the quality of care is excellent. I can’t say or thank them enough for the care my three cats have been given.

from Charlotte Jacobs  8-2-17

Great place! I’m so glad to know I have a place to take Dixie where we both feel comfortable and secure!

from Cindy Hooten 7-30-17

Our regular vet was closed on the day Sadie was so sick. The staff at Chatuge Animal Hospital were so kind, and worked our sweet Sadie in to be seen that day. I’m afraid if she had not been seen that day she may not have made it. Thanks to everyone there Sadie is finally feeling better. Thanks for helping my sweet girl.

from Yvonne Plott  7-24-17

Great service! Very friendly staff.

from Carissa Tomer 7-22-17

Drs. Burr, Stevenson, Justin, Phil and every beautiful person helping – Thank you for all you did for our Sadie.  We have never experienced such devotion to care for any of our animals’ well being.  Again, thank you for everything you did for our Sadie.

from James & Patricial Holzapfel  (July 2017)

Dear Dr. Stevenson, Dr. Burr & Staff – Thank you so much for helping me with one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.  I’ll always miss my sweet little Ditto.  Your heartfelt notes and Ditto’s paw impression will always be cherished.

Sincerely,  Lynn Busco  7-19-17

Great job.

From Anna Ray 7-18-17

I am so glad a friend suggested Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital! A year ago our aging dog began having severe  mobility issues. We were new to the area and needed a vet. We were able to get an appointment and Dr. Burr did a thorough exam. What the X-rays showed was devastating to us, but he gave us hope. We began the prescribed  treatments, and began to see improvement. Not only is Sparky still with us, but he travels with us and leads a pretty  normal to active life for a dog who will soon turn 13. Thank you, Dr. Burr, for not giving up!

from Karen Myland  7-18-17

Treated my pup Collette like a princess! Her annual appt was very nicely done! We always get treated so nicely at your clinic! Kudos to your staff!

from Jeanette Bowles-Sellier  7-14-17

The staff was very friendly and showed how much they love their furry clients. They explain all the procedures and what they intend to do to the animal to the owners and try to put your mind at ease while you leave your fur baby  with them. We will bring our pets to them for all procedures and health care issues and annual exams.

from Sharon Faircloth  7-14-17

Dr. Burr, Beth, Justin & Staff – We appreciate all your kindness taking care of Bentley Buttons and making sure he came home quickly to us.

Warmly, Dee & Larry Phillips  (personal note July 2017)

You guys saw us in an emergency and treated us like family….we are so thankful that we found you.

from  Rhonda Tuttle  7-10-17

My first visit here and I am super impressed.  We have a vacation home on the lake, and our Goldendoodle is pregnant.  So I feel so comfortable with them taking care of our Baby while we enter into this unknown situation with our dog!

from Lynn Stanberry  7-10-17

Great treatment.  Caring staff.  Works my pet in time of emergency.  They keep me informed and help me make treatment decisions.

from Shirley Johnson   7-10-17

Great service.

from Richard Wright  6-27-17

Being new to the area, I was allowed to show up and be worked in without an appointment for an emergency visit.  The front staff and vet tech were very friendly and accommodating & Dr. Stevenson went above and beyond with her care and professionalism.

from Debbie Alringer  6-20-17

Very clean facility!  Dr. Stevenson went over & above my expectations!  She called me with information & updates on my pet’s care!  I was very impressed with her!!

Anonymous  6-6-17

Lake Chatuge Vet Clinic is efficient, friendly and helpful. The staff is pleasant and Dr. Burr really cares about your pet concerns. Thanks to all of you!

From Virginia Boyce  (Google review 6-5-17)

Hope you enjoy the fudge.  Thank you for all you do for our pets and for taking such good care of Sage.  I appreciate you!  Enjoy the fudge from Sage!

from  Norma & Sage Ivey  (personal note 6/2017)

It was an emergency visit on a very hectic day for the staff.  Rommel and I were brand new to the hospital and worked in, yet we were treated just like we were long time patrons.

From  Tammy Logan  5-30-17

We were on vacation in the area on a holiday weekend and the Chatuge Animal Hospital fit us in with no appointment and they were very busy.  Also, they had us in pretty quickly and DID NOT overcharge us.  We highly appreciated their service and recommend.

From Thomas Van De Griek  5-30-17

Great staff!  Very concerned with Tom Puss

From Tammy Albright  5-25-17

Great staff.  Friendly and very knowledgeable.  They have my trust and confidence to care for our pets.

Anonymous   5-13-17

I LOVE THIS PLACE! My Cairn Terrier has what specialist believe is Degenerative Myelopathy. Everyone here is so kind, loving and gentle. The ladies at the front desk have the biggest smiles and hearts. It only took coming in a time or two and they already knew who we were. The techs and doctors, wow cannot say enough. Not my first Vet in the area but truly so happy I kept looking. Will not go anywhere else.

From Dennis Clixby (Google review 5-3-17)

I can’t remember ever being treated in a more professional way than I was in your office, by everyone.

From Harold Halsey  4-24-17

I’ve never had a more pleasant experience with a veterinary practice. The entire staff is professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. Howie, my 15.5 year old doxie, had been battling a serious nasal infection for nearly a year. I’d taken him to a vet in my area and after hundreds of dollars spent on dental cleanings and x-rays, I was referred to a specialist for an MRI because they thought the infection was possibly being caused by a tumor in his nose. Within 6 months of the cleaning his teeth were looking worse than ever before and I decided to get a second opinion, as he’d never had a cleaning last such a short time. I searched online and looked at reviews and came upon Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital. The hours they are open work well with my work schedule and the reviews- both on Google and on Facebook- were excellent. From the moment I walked in I was sure I’d made a great choice. Sara and Jessica make a fantastic welcoming committee and Phillip puts one right at ease when talking about treatment options and scenarios. Today I picked Howie up from his dental cleaning at Lake Chatuge and what a HUGE difference already. They pinpointed the source of the infection and Howie is already feeling better. I will continue to make the 35 minute trip from Murphy to Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital due to the amazing staff who work there and the excellent care Howie receives from them. Their motto is “Where we treat your pets like family” and they truly do!

From Katy Prichard  (Google review 4-7-17)

Got us in on very short notice and the concern and care for our pup was excellent!

From Phillip Carr  (Google review 4-3-17)

We love the care our cats receive at Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital. The staff is so friendly and helpful, the vet technicians are knowledgeable and compassionate and the veterinarians are the best, especially Dr. Lynn Stevenson who has helped us so much with the health issues some of our cats have. We highly recommend Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital to everyone who wants the best veterinary care for their pets.

From Allen & Maria Daniels and our six cats!  (Google review 3-23-17)

Very pleased in all aspects of our visit.

From  Regina Lee  3-19-17

The front desk staff people are excellent. They always remember the pet’s name as soon as we walk in and they greet them by name. Dr. Stevenson is an outstanding vet. She takes her time listening to us to understand what is happening and is very calm and patient with the animals. She is truly concerned about our pets’ welfare and it shows. Would recommend this vet practice to anyone and have many times!

From D.L. Marrella  3-18-17  (Google review)

Front staff is awesome, especially Sarah.  The technicians are great, especially Justin and Phillip.  We saw Dr. Stevenson who was very thorough, professional, and super nice.  We normally see Dr. Burr who is “Da Bomb.”  We have been going there for years.

From Jan Salem  3-13-17

[overall ranking 5 stars out of 5 – tell us why] Caring, competence and expertise.

From  Jack Robert  3-12-17

Taken from a voicemail message from caller after listening to radio show:

Hello, good afternoon.  We just heard Dr. Burr on your radio station and we wanted to put a “shout out” to him.  We just had our little Yorkie that had major dental surgery on him on Wednesday and we cannot say enough good things about Dr. Burr and his whole clinic there in Young Harris.  We adore Dr. Burr and we want to keep him as our vet.  He is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.  We will be seeing him again in a week and a half for a followup visit for our little puppy and for our dog.  We will be talking with him soon and just give him, not a 5 stars but 50 stars.  He is wonderful.  Thank you.

From Beverly Beuster  3-12-17

We see Dr. Stevenson and she is very sweet.  We always ask for her specifically.  The girls at the front desk are very pleasant and easy to talk to.  We feel our dog is in very good hands!

From  Diana Ayers  3-6-17

I am very impressed with this vet. Everybody seems to be genuine concerned about the pets that come in. Staff is really nice and the building is clean.They take really good care of your pet. Warm and friendly atmosphere.

From Marla DeLoach  3-1-17  (Google review)

Dr. Stevenson is an awesome vet.  So glad she is close by to take care of my babies.  Would recommend her to everyone.

From Debbie Schneidenbach  2-23-17

The most caring and loving staff I have ever witnessed in my life.  Thank for your compassion today with the passing of my beloved Mia girl.  Forever grateful to your consideration and love.  Thank you.

From Peggy Ann VanAcker  2-18-17

Thanks so much for working Max in this morning at short notice.  Everyone was so nice and caring.  Dr. Stevenson is the best.

From Sonya Moore  2-18-17

Awesome staff, awesome veterinarian.  While I understand overhead as a business person myself, your prices are just too high but the people you have there are some of the best I have ever met.  They have genuine concern for every animal and their owners.

From Kent Vanattia  2-13-17

We feel very blessed to have Dr. Stevenson and the staff at Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital taking care of our sweet Taz.  From the moment I contacted your office, I knew I was in the right place.

From Joann Wicker  2-5-17

You couldn’t do better than this veterinary service.

From Roy Hall  2-3-17

We, the proud parents of Ollie, who is just a puppy, are very happy to have found such a great veterinary service. We highly recommend them.

From Donna Hall  2-3-17  (Google review)

Jessica and Sarah, in reception area, are so helpful and very professional.  Justin, the vet tech, is a very compassionate, caring young man.  Dr. Burr is also very caring and compassionate.  I have 2 cats, one has diabetes and the other one I just found has hyperthyroid.  Yes, it is costly to care for our pets … but I feel I owe mine excellent care as they are my family!

From Maria Brothers  1-31-17

You couldn’t do better than this veterinary service.

From Roy Hall

Very caring environment.

From Lona O’Reilly  1-29-17

Very courteous and was seen quickly.

From Billy  1-27-17

We will be back and we will recommend you.

Anonymous  12-26-16

Sarah and Jessica helped my children and I during a traumatic time. While visiting the are for a holiday vacation one of our dogs was in an accident and died before we arrived. These ladies are amazing and were able to make arrangements for us before we leave back for our Florida home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love the Chico paw print.

From  Maria Clifford  12-26-16

Dr. Stevenson and the staff are the best.  They know Annie when we bring her in and Dr. Stevenson is so good with her.  Have and will continue to recommend this place to others!!

From David Marrella  1-24-17

Pets treated awesome.  Justin was great during visit and by phone when I had concerns later.  Staff very helpful.  Doctor helpful.

From Jdee B.  1-19-17

Our first visit is when you rescued us in September – my husband was air lifted to Gainesville Hospital.  Appreciate that my Chloe doesn’t mind coming to your facility and is clean & HAPPY when she comes home.  Many thanks & Happy Holidays.

From Carol M. 12-17-16

We had to use the animal hospital emergently with one of our dogs who collapsed one morning.  We rushed her there.  They took her right in and saved her life!  The staff is incredibly friendly and caring.  Dr. Stevenson is amazing and we will return!

From Gerri W.  1-8-17

I had just moved here from San Diego and one of my 6 month old pups got hurt.  Everyone there was so helpful, compassionate and super friendly!  Jessica was so helpful and welcoming!  Thanks to All.

From Stephanie L.   1-2-17  (Stephanie has now joined our staff here at LCAH!)

We, the proud parents of Ollie, who is just a puppy, are very happy to have found such a great veterinary service.  We highly recommend them.

From Donna H.

They were excellent.  Great staff.  Great pet care.  Expensive but worth it.

Anonymous 12-1-16

Great staff, organized, good customer service, knowledgeable and compassionate.  I had hurt my back and it was difficult to handle my dog and they took him so I would not have to struggle.  Thank you for such great service.

Anonymous  11-22-16

I finally got a few minutes to sit and listen to your (Dr. Burr’s) show.  I can’t say thank you enough for all the kind words you had to say about my beautiful Freckles and The Senior Scenter.  I had no idea that you did basically the WHOLE [radio] show about her.  She was worth it.  I so wish I could have given her more time and I pray the time we did give her was quality.  I hate to think that she had been in pain in the end and I missed it 🙁

I also want to thank you for all you do for us.  Your staff is the top of the top!  I adore all of them and consider each and every one of you my friends.  Thank you again!

From Jeanne S.and ALL the Furbabies!  11-17-16

I have heard others recommending your clinic and I have taken feral cats there for neutering through Logan’s Run and others and was always treated well, as were the animals.  I have already referred others there.  Also enjoy radio program on Sat. a.m.

from Jerryann L. 11-15-16

I just wanted to thank all of you for your loving concern and care for our Miracle Dog [Buckles].  He left us on Oct. 31 at UGA.  We appreciate all you did in providing him with care.

from Val & Russell S.11-13-16

We felt that Rascal was in good hands.  He’s an elderly dog and usually nervous in new situations, but he seemed to be comfortable there.  We were completely satisfied with the diagnosis and treatment that Dr. Stevenson gave.

From Becky M.10-28-16

You guys are awesome!  Thank you!

From Julie W.10-27-16

Courteous, bedside manner was great, told it like it was!

From Larry P.10-13-16

I have no complaints.  I came in without an appointment and expected a long wait.  However, that was not the case. Prissy and I were seen by the doctor within 12-15 minutes.  Everyone was very pleasant and professional.  Thanks to all for the first class [treatment].

From Bill & Sarah M. 10-12-16

Close to home, clean, friendly.  Everyone I encountered obviously loves animals.

Anonymous 10-10-16

Courteous, professional, compassionate and caring.

From John S.10-8-16

THANK YOU!!!! For your great care in the Peachtree office for our dog, Riley.  She does not do well at the Vet’s office.  Over the years no one would listen to us when we told how she would act at the office. That is till my wife found you and gave a call to explain Riley.  Not only were you the first Vet to listen and understand, you have given her GREAT care over the past 3 visits.  This was about as bad on me and the Wife to take her to the Vet – just stressed out.  Your fine folks took the stress out of the visits because they cared about my dog and the owner.  I tell everyone who has pets what a great job you have done for us.  Thanks again, I wish you the very best in the Peachtree location and your main location.

From Jim M.10-7-16

Always knowledgeable and clean.

From Bill C.9-30-16

Very thorough, accommodating, professional and personal staff.

From Margaret  9-11-16

We had an emergency situation and couldn’t get in to our regular vet.  We were seen here very quickly and the staff was very caring and helpful.  We will be returning her even though it is farther away than our previous vet.

From Leah  9-11-16

My pets are new to the area and have all been welcomed by the professionalism and friendly staff.  Jade just had her ears cropped and would highly recommend having Dr. Marshall evaluate any puppy being considered for ear cropping.  Relocating from NJ – was extremely pleased with Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital.

From Ms. Riley  8-20-16

The only thing different with my recent visit, I had a new veterinarian assistant who wasn’t familiar with me or my animals.  I think that Phillip will do just fine with more experience with the patients.  However, Justin is always wonderful!!!

From Karen Bales  8-13-16

THANK YOU….for the wonderful Pet Celebration, which I was able to attend for a few hours, even with all the kittens I have in my care.  My beautiful sweet tuxedo girl, Katie, found her forever home while she was there.  Such a great event, thanks to you.  Thank you for allowing Wholly Cats to participate, and for all you do for my rescue kitties.

from Nancy E.8-10-16

Always have shown true love for pets.  I leave Collette there, and previously Ernie, when we board her, without any qualms!!  Price is very much about what I pay in FL!

from Jeanette B. 8-9-16

After visiting another vet in the area, we felt the need to search further for our vet home (we’re new residents).  We were instantly welcomed and knew by the end of our visit that we’d found that home.  Very impressed with all of your employees.

from Sandy D.8-2-16

I am so grateful to have found you!  Keep up the excellent work!  Blessings to all of you!

from Cheryl D.7-24-16

My dog seemed to be very content when I picked her up and that tells me everything.

from Michele P.7-22-16

Caring friendly staff, veterinarian knowledgeable and friendly, explained a serious issue well.

from Susan M. 7-19-16

All the staff is compassionate and caring, and the vet spent as much time with us as we needed.

From Robbin M.  7-15-16

Friendly knowledgeable staff, clean facility, very patient caring Dr. and vet techs.

From Dori K.  7-6-16

New to the area and had read about the group and the visitors office in Cherokee had recommended both offices as they had a great relationship with the staff and vets at both offices.  I came from NJ where my vets were cutting edge and well respected.

From Michele  7-4-16

Everyone was extremely friendly and professional.  Also, Coby must have been treated pretty well as he decided to lick some faces!

From Donna N.  6-25-16

We used their day boarding service while on vacation recently.  The staff are all so warm and caring, and we felt very secure that our Roscoe would be well taken care of!  When we move to the area this will be our vet of choice!

Update:  Thank you so much for the excellent care our Roscoe received during our vacation this past week!  He is a very anxious beagle and the staff were all so caring and made his visit as peaceful and stress free as possible while boarding for the day.  We visit the area frequently and will be back for sure!

from Dawn Cody K.  6-17-16

You all found a quick time frame for me to bring my pup (Sadie) in because she suffered an eye injury.  I appreciate your caring and understanding the urgency to see her quickly.  Thank you.

from Kate K.6-17-16

Purrcilla Softpaws wants to thank the staff and Dr. Burr for sending all the necessary paperwork to Petplan Insurance so quickly.  The claim for her recent surgery was paid without any problems or questions.  She also sends purrs to Dr. Stevenson for all she’s doing to get her hypercalcemia under control.  She thinks you’re all the cat’s meow!

from Maria Delgado D. 6-15-16

I called out of the blue on a Saturday and told staff I had an emergency.  I was not an existing client.  They talked to the doctors who said come ahead.  My Mega E. dog was seen immediately.  We have now transferred to your clinic.  And we are very pleased!!!

from Holly K. 6-14-16

Everything I had read on line was absolutely true.  All of the staff were great and made us feel very welcome.  Wonderful to find after just moving to the area.

from Dale & Cathy H. 6-13-16

My experience with Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital exceeded my expectations in every way.  Thank you!

from Mark D. 6-6-16

Very Professional and knowledgeable.  Don’t worry about my pet when I board him there because I know he is taken care of.

from Sherry S. 6-5-16

I woke up this morning to discover my Labrador retriever was breaking out in hives / red welts all over her body.  My regular veterinarian was out of town, so I took a chance and went to Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital.  Every staff member was wonderful and we were able to see Dr. Stevenson fairly quickly.  After examining my Lab, she diagnosed what was wrong and began a course of treatment immediately.  While time will tell the whole story, I could not be happier with the way Dr. Stevenson and the staff treated me and an important member of my family, having never seen us before. I wholeheartedly endorse these folks as good caring people who clearly know what they’re doing and can’t thank them enough.

from Mark D.  6-3-16

I just love everyone I ever had to deal with.  And we had two very serious sicknesses with our cats.  So thanks for the good work.

from Deborah F.  6-3-16

EVERY person who is a part of your amazing team knows us, knows our pet, consistently demonstrates compassion, patience, caring, and is exceedingly helpful in every way.  BUT BEST OF ALL, you guys are all of this with joy and happiness!  Love you guys!

from Cassandra O.  5-12-16

Dr. Burr – I want to thank you, Justin, Jessie, Phil and the entire staff for your care of Mr. Motes.  This morning was extremely emotional for me and I am going to miss Mr. Motes dearly.  It is my belief that you gave Giz five additional years because of the exceptional care you all provided and that means the world to me.  Thank you for your kindness, understanding and the humane process this morning for Mr. Motes passing.

from Craig M. 4-12-16

Dr. Burr, you can be very proud of your staff and office.  As a retired dentist with 45 years experience, I have visited many offices.  Yours is excellent!!!

from Bob M.  4-7-16

Everyone, from the minute you walk in the door, goes above and beyond to make you and your pet feel welcome and special.  I can’t begin to say how fortunate we are to have this service and quality of care in our area.

Anonymous 3-31-16

We’re part-timers in the north Georgia mountains.  When one of our fur babies had an altercation with a couple of dogs resulting in several puncture wounds, we knew we needed to get him in for treatment.  We called Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital and Tina was very friendly and comforting and told us that she would get us in but there would be a wait.  We were relieved that she got us in.  The wait wasn’t really very long and she even offered us coffee while we waited (which was delicious, by the way).  Dr. Stevenson was wonderful (and the staff).  She was kind and caring and put us at ease.  This will now be our animal hospital for all 3 of our pups for whenever needed and as long as we have our mountain home.  Thank you for being there for us!

From Sharon L.  3-21-16

The doctor and staff were very friendly and helpful.  It helped relieve our cat’s anxiety being there for the first time.

From Deborah L.  3-14-16

Nubbie is a 6-year old male neutered SharPei with severe anxiety disorder best characterized as dominance / fear aggression.  With a combination of behavior modification, pharmaceutical and pheromone therapy, he has significantly responded and is quite a gentleman now.  He has always been a great dog but needed some help with aggression.  We encourage behavior medicine because it can be very rewarding.  The Whalen’s are a very happy family…..

John, Rosemary and Nubbie 3-11-16

New Year’s Eve.  Are relocating from FL to Blairsville, have no vet and a very sick dog.  Tried some locals – no one would take us.  Reached out to LCAH.  Were invited right over.  Felt welcome.  Nice facility, caring people.  Dr. Stevenson was terrific.  Found our vet.

From Suzanne & Gary P. and Maggie  1-3-16

Five stars would be perfect and there is always room for improvement [4 star rating].  We had a pleasant experience and felt that our dog is in good hands.  The staff is very friendly and competent.  Thank you.

From John G.  12-13-15

My dog is so traumatized going to the vet she usually has to be sedated.  But she didn’t seem to mind this visit much at all, which kept me from needing to be sedated after dealing with a traumatized dog!

From Stephanie H.  11-4-15

Always so friendly and helpful from the front desk through the exam.

From Pam F.   11-1-15

Very friendly, very clean, very attentive.  I am glad we brought Charlie to your facility, and saw Dr. Burr.  He was very in tune with my describing the issue.

From Candy W.  10-19-15

Hi y’all.  I just want to thank you again for the great care you gave Scarlett.  We are especially happy to report that the pheromone spray you recommended was very effective.  We drove home to Florida, which took 14 hours, and she was very calm in her carrier except for the last hour, when she was getting a little anxious to get out.  She settled down when I talked to her.  We were very concerned about her needs, but the spray made the trip uneventful and peaceful!  Thanks again for your exceptional care!!

P.S.  Scarlett has adjusted quickly to her Florida home!

From Kathy, George and Scarlett L.  10-19-15

Zoey, my Jack Russell loves coming to Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital.  She is treated like she’s their number 1 patient!!!!

From Sandi S.   10-15-15

Our experience met our expectations in every way.

From Vernal E. R.  10-9-15

We came in to have our dog put to sleep.  We could not have had better care.  The entire staff gave us such kindness and we were at peace having Scooter put to sleep.  Highly recommend this vet hospital.

From Jan R.  9-15-15

This was my 6-week old beagle’s first vet visit and everyone in the office, from the receptionist to the vet, made his and my experience as easy as possible while also still being very professional.  They all were very good with Jacob Scooter.

From Cathy W.  10-4-15

It was the best experience at a vet’s office I ever had.  Dr. Burr is great and all of the staff is super.  I am telling everybody I know who has a pet about you guys.

From Greg B. 10-2-15

Please pass on to Phil and the staff that we are very pleased with Ruby’s dental cleaning.  Her teeth are absolutely beautiful.  I also appreciate Phil putting me at ease about the procedure, as I was very anxious, especially about the anesthesia.

From Maureen H., 9-28-15  ​

Courteous and professional staff.  Dr. Burr not only explained everything going on with Berger but also took the time to call and personally explain the blood work done.  I have a feeling of competence when dealing with Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital.

August 29, 2015

Groomer is great.

From Gloria A.  8-16-15

I was impressed with the level of knowledge and consideration for Biscuit.  She was happy and excited to see us when we returned.  The front office was very clean, and without any smells.  Some day I would like a tour of the back facilities.  [Please feel free to call and come in for a tour – we would love to show you around]

From Bonnie L.  8-13-15

You provided the services I requested without trying to offer things I was not interested in.

From Shirley I.  7-20-15

Great kenneling experience!  Very comfortable leaving JD with you.  She came out happy!

From Roger  2-17-15

I know I can trust and rely on Dr. Burr to keep my pets in great health.  I also know if there is a serious problem it will be handled expertly.  I can leave my cats at the kennel with peace of mind.  All of the people at Chatuge are great.

From Carol B.  7-12-15

Have had pets all my life and [it] is important my pets have the best of care.  Always review Vet hospitals when [I] move to a new area with same criteria as [I] do for [my] own care.  Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital Staff has exceeded all my expectations.

From Lynn  7-2-15

Knowledgeable, friendly and courteous.  Always contacting us when it’s time for Rascal to have shots or checkups.  Thank you.

From Sid & Sandy B.  6-27-15

I moved to the area with my 4 cats and 3 dogs a little over a year ago (2 of my furry friends are geriatric and need a lot of care).  My dogs and cats are my children; so finding a new vet that meets my rather long list of ‘criteria’ is not easy.  When I arrived in Blairsville, I took the kids to another vet who sounded like a perfect fit.  Sadly it was a perfectly awful fit that wasted a lot of time and money …  I knew after about 5 minutes in Dr. Burr’s office that THIS was what I was looking for!  When you walk into a place and genuinely enjoy meeting every new person and feel like they could all become your friends, you know it’s right.

The kids and I have been to see Dr. Burr more times in the past year than some people probably see their vet in the lifetime of a dog or cat!  …  Dr. Burr and the staff have handled it all with professionalism, respect, humor and compassion.  I cannot say enough good things; here are just a few of the highlights:  The folks up front feel like friends now and I really look forward to catching up with them …  Tina, the [Hospital] Manager and Groomer, is a very talented and experienced groomer  …  I highly recommend her …  Justin knocks it out of the park as far as vet assistants go …  He is also a lot of fun so he keeps things light even when they are not .  Then there is Dr. Burr.  He is kind, patient, giving of his time, thorough, incredibly knowledgeable and very open-minded! …  [He] found that my boy has a herniated disc and not the other disease that was far more complicated to treat.  Now we have an apporpriate treatment that embraces both traditional and holistic components  …

So, if you want the best for your furry kids, Dr. Burr and his staff are unquestionably the folks to know!  I feel very lucky to have them all in the neighborhood!

From Elle M., Anne, Chocolate Chip, Gus, Nalla, Nefer, Oliver, and Scarlett   June 22, 2015

Reception was unprepared for our appointment.  Waited 45 minutes.  Otherwise, excellent.

From Daniel K. B. 6-19-15

We apologize for the extended wait time that you experienced.  Occasionally, emergencies or other circumstances prevent us from being as prompt as we strive to be.  We are glad that you rated your overall experience as excellent and will continue to work at making improvements in this area.