Beth, Receptionist

Beth lives in Hiawassee, GA with her husband, Bob and their ragdoll family member, Calvin. Beth was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area of Florida – a native Floridian is a rarity! She loves to read, garden, and play the piano. Beth has been with LCAH since 2016 and was thrilled to join the staff because of her great love of animals.

Emily, Receptionist

Emily was born and raised in Blairsville, Ga. She graduated from Union County High School in 2016. She is an only child. She is 1 of 8 grandchildren, and the only girl. She has 2 dogs, Bentley and Zoey. Bentley is a 5-year-old Schnauzer/Rat Terrier mix, and Zoey is a 2-year-old Pomchi which is a pomeranian/chihuahua. Zoey is my most favorite of all, she’s my little girl. (Her parents have 2 male dogs also, but Zoey is the only girl; just like her momma) In her free time she enjoy taking pictures for her photography business and going on the lake/spending time with my boyfriend of 5 years, Paedon. She also has a Grey Lionhead Rabbit. She has had him for 2 years and his name is Winston!

Fun Fact: All of her pets are rescues. #SaveALife #Rescues

Other Receptionists

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  • Amber

Justin, Veterinary Assistant

Justin was born in Kennesaw, Georgia, but has lived in Towns County since the fifth grade. All of his family is here in northeast Georgia and he graduated from Towns County High School in 1999. He has two children, Arien and Ayden . Justin has 18 years experience in the veterinary assistant field, with thirteen of those years here at LCAH (he has been here since opening day). Justin states about his work, “there is nothing like the feeling that you get when you have made a client smile because Fluffy is going home.” Fishing and hunting are his hobbies outside of work and he loves spending time in the woods camping with the family.

Nikki, Veterinary Assistant

Nikki was born in Massachusetts, moved to South FL in 1992 and recently made her home here in Hayesville in August of 2016. She has a boyfriend of 6 years, a daughter, a son and one furry child, Will, a 6-year-old French Mastiff. Nikki has been working in veterinary medicine for 17 years and loves everything about it. As she puts it “Where else can you play with pets all day?”

Trey, Veterinary Assistant

Trey was born and raised in Fort Myers FL but has lived in Hayesville NC for 15 years. He is married and has two growing children. He has been working as a veterinary assistant for several years and loves working with animals. He is also currently going to school to be a paramedic and get a degree in emergency medical science. In his spare time, Trey likes to go fishing, play video games, and hang out with his family. They currently have 3 dogs, 2 cats, and a rabbit which he says is always subject to change.

Jennifer, Veterinary Assistant

Jennifer she was born in Harrisburg, PA and was raised all of her life in Seminole, FL. She moved the Tampa, FL to be with her Husband. They moved to Hayesville, NC due to hurricane Irma and she is in LOVE with it here. Jennifer and her husband have been together for 9 years and married for 2 of those years. They have a small child named Skyler who is 2.5 years old. They have 3 dogs, Xena who is a 7-year-old Pitbull, Sheldon who is a 2-year-old French bulldog, and Danica who is a 2-year-old Boxer mix. They have 1 cat named Franklin who is a 4-year-old fat black cat, and 1 kitten name Lilth who is 10 months. They have 2 17-week-old Rhode Island Chickens. They also have 2 little female ferrets named Abby and Trinity for are 2-years-old. That’s a lot right?! She has been working at vet field for almost 7 years now. She has worked in the kennels, as a vet assistant, and as a receptionist. Jennifer will be going to school to get her degree in Veterinary Technology either this Spring or next Fall. Her passion is to help people and their fur babies.

Fun Fact: Jennifer likes to play video games, ride on the back of her husband’s motorcycle, and read.

Micaela, Veterinary Assistant

Micaela was born and raised in South Georgia, but has recently moved to beautiful Hiawassee Georgia two years ago. She has a rescue dog named Thor and a cat named Scatman that she absolutely adores. Micaela joined the LCAH family a few months ago as our kennel tech/vet tech assistant. her hobbies include taking hikes with her best friend Thor and watercolor painting.

Fun fact: Micaela started playing soccer at the age of 4 and continued her soccer career for 12 plus years!

Other Veterinary Assistants

  • Dillon

Judi, Administrative Assistant

Judi lives in Hayesville, North Carolina with her husband, Steve, their two part-Maine Coon indoor cats, and two outdoor rescue cats. They also have three grown sons, three daughter-in-laws, and seven grandchildren. Judi has been at LCAH since 2012 and has done many things while here, starting out as a kennel assistant, but currently working on the administrative duties of the hospital. You may see Judi sometimes assist with a pet, or help with the grooming, and even at the front desk as a receptionist and answering the phones. Judi helps keep all of us organized. She has worked in children’s dentistry, home schooled her children, as a string instrument music teacher, and as a secretary. She loves to garden and go camping.