Kangen Water and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Benefits

Kangen water is electrolyzed water that decreases oxidative stress and improves hydration. The best machine is the SD 501 manufactured by Enagic. The electrolyzed oxidized (acidic) water is nontoxic to tissues and kills 99.9% of all known pathogens. The electrolyzed reduced (alkaline) water greatly decreases inflammation. It also makes important minerals such as calcium and magnesium more bioavailable, and prevents decreases in major organ dysfunction including many that are associated with most major illnesses and injuries.

Kangen water units provide electrolyzed water and use a three-stage filtration process. There are easy and economical financing options with no money down that cost approximately $40-$50 per month. For more information contact Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital and Dr. Burr. The unit can also be purchased by going online to www.enagic.com and enter Dr Burr’s distributor # as your sponsor: Enagic # 6802986. Also, ask us about “Assisi Loops”, an FDA approved electroceutical device that reduces pain, swelling and inflammation. It is another non-drug option that is highly effective, safe, and has many indications.

We also recommend hyperbaric oxygen as a therapy for any disease or injury that has major ischemia (lack of adequate tissue oxygen levels) and edema (swelling in tissues) which can be combined with Kangen water (electrolyzed reduced / alkaline) serving as a supportive hydrogen donor in all patients (human or animal). Contact ake Chatuge Animal Hospital and Dr. Burr for more information.

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