There has probably been a time at least once in your life where you have felt the “pinch” of clothes that obviously shrunk in the dryer!!! You know how uncomfortable it can be – hard to sit down, bend over, etc. Did you ever imagine how it feels to your pet who might even now be giving you that sad – but I’m soooooooooo hungry – face? Not all pets know when to walk away from the food bowl. In fact, many of our cherished furrbabies will insist that we underfed them. Now might be a good time to consider a nutritional diet featuring our Royal Canin™ Satiety Weight Loss Program.

Because our pets have smaller frames compared to us, when they put on a few extra pounds it can have a dramatic effect on their life expectancy. Extra weight can also lead to other serious problems such as diabetes, heart disease, joint problems, skin irritations, and urinary tract disorders. Royal Canin™ offers a properly balanced low-calorie, low-fat, controlled diet for safe, efficient weight loss. If you simply feed your pet less of their current diet, it may not provide enough essential nutrients, and can lead to deficiencies and they typically do not lose weight. You want a diet that is low in fat, nutrient-rich, palatable, calorie restricted, and one that satisfies your pet’s appetite.

With many different options to fit each individual situation, Royal Canin™ provides all this and more, in that your pet can eat more Satiety and still lose weight.. We can help you make a wise choice for your pet to help them get in shape and keep them there for years to come and our Royal Canin™ Veterinary Diets are 100% guaranteed.

The cause of your pet’s weight problem should first be determined to rule out any medical issues that might hinder the success of a weight management plan. A common medical cause of obesity in dogs is hypothyroidism. Start by visiting your veterinarian to get an overall health assessment, assign a body condition score and to understand your pet’s unique weight management needs.

What should you feed your pet? Unfortunately, many commercial pet foods are too high in carbohydrates and fat. At LCAH and TCAC we recommend the Royal Canin™ line of prescription pet foods. For dogs and cats that are tipping the scale, Satiety Support offers:

• Balanced mineral/vitamin concentration

• Soluble/insoluble fiber for digestive health and a sense of fullness

• High protein content

• Ingredients to manage fiber-responsive GI tract diseases

• Boosted L-carnitine to accelerate your pet’s fat-burning metabolism

Royal Canin™ Veterinary Diet Satiety Support Dog/Cat Food can be used as part of a weight reduction program in combination with behavioral management and an exercise program. With vital information about your pet that we relate to RC consultants, we can determine the amount and type of RC food that is just right for your pet.

You are the key partner with your pet in this endeavor to reach a healthy body condition. Be sure to include an exercise program to increase your pet’s activity level. Walk and play with your dog. Entice your cat with a catnip toy or even an empty box or paper bag. The idea is to get them moving. Once the weight begins to come off, you will notice their activity level increasing on its own, which leads to more weight loss.

Because nutrition can help your pet’s body recover faster, stay healthy longer and even help defend against health issues, every ROYAL CANIN® veterinary formula gives priority to the pet, focusing on nutrients that help promote wellness, minimize clinical symptoms or promote recovery. Ask us which formula is right for your pet.

We strongly believe Royal Canin™ is the very best diet for pets. It is a premium diet but its health benefits will ultimately reduce your pet health care costs.

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