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Payment is expected when services are rendered, we DO NOT bill. We take every effort to make all pet healthcare affordable, and strive to help those in our community by offering various forms of payment.

We accept the following payment methods:
– Cash
– Checks (a $30.00 return check fee will be assessed if funds are not deposited)
– All major credit cards and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Am Ex Discover)
– CareCredit (For more information ask our Customer care representatives to assist you or you can visit online).
– Scratchpay (For more information please ask our Customer care representatives to assist you, or you can visit online).

**All services and procedures performed within the hospital non-refundable.**

Admitted patient financial policy:
– In the case where your pet needs to be hospitalized, you may request a written estimate for services to be performed. At this time a deposit of 50% is required to proceed. We take every effort to stay within the limits of the estimate, however this is an estimate and situations beyond our control may cause us to exceed the estimate, we will make every effort to contact you at that time. Remaining balance must be paid in full prior to patient discharge.

**Hospital waiting and lobby policy**

– To keep all client, patients, and staff safe, all pets must be in a pet carrier, or on a leash at all time. Please keep retractable leashes locked at a reasonable distance. Please refrain from socializing your pet with other patients, this is a stressful situation for them and that may affect their personality and how they interact with others.

**Prescription/medication request policy**

– Prescription refill requests require a 72 hour notice for the Dr.’s authorization.
– Prescriptions may also be filled/refilled through our online pharmacy, found on our website: Find the Online Pharmacy tab and follow the instructions, please call our office if you need assistance.
– We do not work with 3rd party pharmacies, if you choose to use a 3′ party pharmacy, you will need to flick Up a written prescription, again allow up to 72 hours for approval.
– Per the “National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and the FDA Compliance Policy Guideline 7132.09” all prescription and /or OTC products purchased or prescribed from our hospital are non-returnable.

**Admitted and Hospitalized patients**

– All vaccines must be current. If needed, vaccines will be updated upon admittance (unless precluded by illness) this includes, Grooming, Boarding, and All other appointments.
– Admitted hospitalized patients including, Grooming & Boarding will be treated if fleas, ticks and/or earmites are present, fees will apply.